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Our Quality Guarantee

Learn more about how we help ensure you have the right scooter or wheelchair for you as well as the standards we adhere too.


Our Quality Assurance Guarantee

We subject each used mobility scooter to a multi-check quality assurance process, including initial assessment, skilled engineering work, a 12-point refurbishment process, workshop quality assurance check, and final quality assurance check, we prioritise stringent safety and quality standards to deliver products that meet and exceed customer expectations.


  1. Initial Assessment: Thorough Evaluation of Scooter's Condition
    • Upon receiving a used mobility scooter, it undergoes an initial assessment to determine its overall condition.
    • This evaluation helps identify any existing issues, damage, or areas that require attention during the refurbishment process.
  2. Skilled Engineering Work: Restoring Scooters to Showroom Condition
    • Our team of experienced engineers works diligently to restore each scooter to a pristine, showroom-like condition.
    • They utilise their expertise to address any necessary repairs, replace worn-out components, and conduct comprehensive maintenance tasks.
  3. 12-Point Refurbishment Process: Comprehensive Rejuvenation
    • All products undergo a meticulous 12-point refurbishment process, which includes thorough inspections and refurbishment of key components.
    • This process ensures that the scooter not only meets our stringent quality standards but also performs optimally and reliably.
  4. Workshop Quality Assurance Check: Rigorous Evaluation by a Quality Assurance Manager
    • Following the refurbishment process, a dedicated workshop quality assurance manager conducts a thorough check.
    • This evaluation involves a comprehensive inspection of the scooter, verifying that all necessary refurbishment tasks have been completed to the highest standards of safety and quality.
  5. Final Quality Assurance Check: Ensuring Impeccable Condition Before Delivery
    • As a final step, a comprehensive quality assurance check is performed on the day before the scooter's delivery.
    • This final inspection guarantees that the scooter is in impeccable condition, meets all safety requirements, and is ready to provide a reliable and enjoyable mobility experience for the customer.


Need Help Choosing The Right Scooter For You?

See how we work with you to ensure you make the right choice.

  1. Determining Intended Use: Matching the Scooter to Specific Requirements
    • Are you planning to use the scooter for all-terrain purposes or mainly for local shops and paved surfaces?
    • Do you require a scooter with off-road capabilities, or will a standard model suffice for your needs?
  2. Weight Considerations: Ensuring Optimal Scooter Selection
    • What is your approximate weight? This information helps us recommend scooters with appropriate weight capacities and stability for your comfort and safety.
  3. Storage Arrangements: Addressing Practicalities for Scooter Storage
    • Where do you plan to store the scooter when not in use? Understanding your storage space constraints allows us to suggest suitable scooter sizes and folding options.
  4. Affordability Assessment: Matching Your Budget
    • Is the selected scooter within your budget range? We provide a range of options to accommodate various budgets and ensure you find a scooter that meets your financial expectations.
  5. Portability Considerations: Assessing Lifting Capability
    • If you are considering a portable scooter, it's important to evaluate if you will be able to lift it comfortably. Can you manage the weight and handle the folding mechanism without difficulty?


Our Delivery Policy

By incorporating these key features and benefits into our delivery policy, we strive to ensure a seamless and convenient experience for our valued customers and get you up and running with ease.


Timely Communication: Keeping You Informed Throughout the Delivery Process

  • Within 48 hours of placing your order, our team will reach out to you via phone call to confirm your delivery date.
  • One day prior to the scheduled delivery, you will receive a text message and email, providing you with a convenient two-hour delivery timeslot.

Real-time Tracking: Stay Updated on the Status of Your Delivery

  • On the day of delivery, approximately one hour before the scheduled arrival, you will receive a text message and email containing a live tracking link.
  • Through this link, you can monitor the exact location of your Mobility Giant driver, ensuring you have visibility on when your scooter or powered wheelchair will arrive.

Comprehensive Product Demonstration: Ensuring a Smooth Transition

  • Upon delivery, our expert team will provide you with a comprehensive demonstration of the product.
  • This demonstration aims to familiarise you with the scooter or powered wheelchair, highlighting its key features, operation, and maintenance.

User Manual: Accessible Reference Material

  • In addition to the demonstration, you will receive a user manual along with your delivered product.
  • The user manual serves as a valuable reference guide, offering detailed instructions and information on the operation, care, and troubleshooting of your scooter or powered wheelchair.


Range of Stock: Diversity, Availability, and Regular Updates

We offer a diverse range of products from reputable brands, consistently updating our stock, and providing comprehensive product visuals, to empower you with the information and options needed to make an informed decision about your mobility solution.


Extensive Brand Selection: Offering Options from Over 10 Trusted Brands

  • At Mobility Giant, we take pride in hosting a diverse range of scooters and powered wheelchairs from over ten reputable brands.
  • This extensive brand selection ensures that you have access to a wide variety of choices, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your mobility needs.

Extensive Product Range: Over 140 Options to Choose From

  • Our inventory boasts a collection of over 140 distinct scooter and powered wheelchair models, catering to different preferences, requirements, and budgets.
  • This wide range of options enhances your chances of finding a product that aligns precisely with your mobility needs and personal preferences.


Money-Back Guarantee: Understanding the Process

By providing a comprehensive 14-day money-back guarantee, accommodating product swaps, and simplifying the return and refund process, we prioritise your satisfaction and provide you with peace of mind when shopping with Mobility Giant.


14-Day Full Money-Back Guarantee: Ample Time to Evaluate Suitability

  • We stand behind the quality and suitability of our scooters and powered wheelchairs. Therefore, we offer a generous 14-day full money-back guarantee.
  • This timeframe allows you to thoroughly test and evaluate the product, ensuring it meets your specific mobility requirements and preferences.

Easy Product Swap: Flexibility to Find the Perfect Fit

  • If, within the 14-day period, you find that the initially chosen scooter or powered wheelchair is not suitable for your needs, simply contact us.
  • Our dedicated customer service team will guide you through the process and arrange a hassle-free swap to a more suitable model, ensuring your satisfaction.

Return and Refund Process: Simple and Efficient

  • Should you decide that a scooter or powered wheelchair is not the right solution for you, contact us, and we will assist you in arranging the return and collection.
  • Once the product is received back in our facility and inspected, we will issue you a full refund, ensuring a smooth and prompt resolution to your concerns.


Warranty Summary: Coverage and Terms

By offering an extensive warranty that encompasses electrical and mechanical faults and providing timely repair services, we aim to ensure your peace of mind and continued satisfaction with our products. It is crucial to be aware of the warranty exclusions to avoid any misunderstandings and ensure responsible use and maintenance of your mobility scooter.


Extensive Warranty Coverage: Full Protection Against Electrical and Mechanical Faults

  • At Mobility Giant, we provide a comprehensive warranty that covers all electrical and mechanical faults on our products.
  • This means that if any issues arise with essential components such as the motor, electric brake, or other scooter parts necessary for proper functionality, we will send our technicians to repair it at no additional cost to you.

Prompt and Efficient Repairs: Timely Resolution of Covered Faults

  • Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends to the warranty service. In the event of a covered fault, we prioritise a prompt response to ensure minimal disruption to your mobility needs.
  • Our qualified technicians will swiftly address the issue, providing the necessary repairs to restore the scooter to its optimal working condition.

Warranty Exclusions: Understanding Limitations and Exceptions

  • It is important to note that while our warranty covers electrical and mechanical faults, certain exclusions apply.
  • The warranty does not extend to breakdowns, punctures, cosmetic damage, or faults resulting from improper use or care of the scooter.
  • We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the warranty to fully understand the coverage and limitations it provides.



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